Plastics and metal processing
for industry

Protektor is expert at manufacturing profiles, stampings and plastic sections

All “Made in Germany” and available at economically attractive terms and conditions. We manufacture individual components and act as system suppliers to sectors such as shipbuilding, automotive construction, heating and plumbing technology, and gardening and landscaping.

It’s problems we need. We already have ample solutions.

Profiles, stampings and plastic sections: large batches, top quality, “Made in Germany”.
Protektor leads the markets and satisfies requirements that extend beyond the conventional standards. We achieve this with the aid of our modern production facilities, qualified workforce, suppliers around Europe to ensure fast materials procurement, and the innovative confidence of a family business now in its third Generation.

Protektor pays off for industry
We solve building problems for craftsmen and fitters. Working with Protektor has also been paying off for industry for a long time now, as well: we develop products from design to supply, manufacture individual components and are experienced system suppliers.

Which of our products and services for industry would you like to learn more about:
Profiles, stampings  or plastic sections?