Protektor manufactures round, square, wide
and long PVC sections

Plastic sections and pipes for a wide range of applications

Protektor is expert at manufacturing plastic sections. Rigid PVC profiles have been included in our portfolio since 1958. Nowadays, we supply our diverse range of extruded plastic sections and PVC pipes to various sectors of industry.

Surrounds, strips, broad profiles, packaging corners, Panels
Protektor manufactures PVC sections and pipes for a wide range of applications, in various shapes and numerous colours. We take care of the entire workflow and supply everything from a single source: Product development, design engineering and tool construction, production of the right granulate, and manufacture.

Protektor can supply whatever you need

  • Mono-, duo- and tri-extrusion processes
  • Rigid PVC
  • Combinations of plastics
  • 4 x 5 mm - 200 x 200 mm cross sections
  • with or without cavities
  • In-process perforation


Shape, colour, application, idea for a product?
Feel free to ask your PVC sections contact for extensive advice and a free non-binding Quotation.