Please note the following disclaimer for technical information in brochures, as well as for calculations, in particular for the calculations carried out by PROTEKTOR:

1. The technical information in our brochures is provided solely on the basis of, and takes account of, the relevant products of PROTEKTOR.

2. You yourself are solely responsible for calculations carried out by you on the basis of the technical details in our brochures. PROTEKTOR can accept no liability for the correctness of these calculations.

3. Any calculations carried out by us are effected solely on the basis of the information and data provided and forwarded by you. PROTEKTOR is not obliged to examine the information and data provided and forwarded by you with respect to its correctness or completeness.

4. We expressly point out that PROTEKTOR is not entitled to apply for planning and building permission. Static calculations and verifications must therefore always be examined and approved by a structural engineer. Insofar as
(a) examination and approval has not been effected by a structural engineer, or
(b) the data relating to the task to be implemented differ from the information and data provided by you and forwarded to PROTEKTOR (in particular concerning load values/information, etc.), PROTEKTOR can assume no liability whatsoever for any damage incurred through the use of the calculations and verifications drawn up by us. "

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