Our dry lining and lightweight steel construction profiles: sturdy, lightweight, easy to install.

Protektor offers a huge choice of quality profiles for dry lining and lightweight steel construction, together with three added benefits.

It’s problems we need. We already have ample solutions.
Protektor dry lining profiles:

  • Choice of 700 products
  • Top quality
  • Standard compliant material thickness
  • Optimised leg stability
  • Easy to bolt in place
  • Made in Germany 

Benefit 1: Only Protektor is this stable
Protektor stud profiles, for example, are enormously stable – thanks to cross ribs incorporated in the floor area.

Benefit 2: Plaster stops for walls and ceilings
Another benefit that only Protektor offers throughout Germany and that gives you the freedom of choice: our plaster stops for walls and ceilings. They are important for fireproofing and allow freedom of product choice. You are not tied to any one manufacturer and can decide which insulation, cladding or plaster to use.

Benefit 3: Team of lightweight steel construction experts
You will not find such extensive advice anywhere else in Germany: our team of lightweight steel construction experts at Protektor helps with the design of your project, demonstrates what our systems are capable of, and offers advice on parameters such as wind pressure, wind suction, or fire- and soundproofing. Which also benefits your project design.
They are really good: Talk to us!

Dear architects, planners and fitters
Protektor lightweight steel construction profiles are just as easy to work with as our dry lining profiles. Added to which, the material you are working with is non-flammable and weighs 30% less than conventional brickwork or timber construction methods. Our lightweight steel construction profiles are the perfect choice for multi-storey apartment buildings, adding floors or extensions, or for family homes.

Dear user, for more than 100 years we have been working together to develop various problem solvers for modern building with profiles. To ensure that we can continue to supply the right profiles for your project in the future, we would like to know more about your visit to us. For this purpose we use guaranteed DSGVO-tested cookies which pass on your know-how to us and improve the future profile of Protektor. We are happy about your help and say thank you. The team of Protektor.

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