Protektor facade profiles: clean edges, manifold protection.

Protektor facade profiles for suspended rear-ventilated facades. Make it easier for you to create edges, joints, connections and soffits. The roof and facade ventilation performance of our facade profiles complies with DIN 4108 minimum requirements for roof ventilation cross sections, and with DIN 18516 minimum requirements for facade ventilation cross sections.

Boring or dreary facades? How monotonous ...

Protektor facade profiles in aluminium, plastic and special colours are much better. Our aluminium profiles can even be supplied with a powder coating in any RAL colour.

What sets Protektor facade profiles apart:

  • Look great
  • Reduce water ingress, protect the sub-structure
  • Optimum and effective ventilation
  • Drain moisture
  • Keep out insects – even small ones
  • Joint tapes reduce noise Levels
  • DIN 4108 minimum requirements for roof ventilation cross sections
  • DIN 18516 minimum requirements for façade ventilation cross sections

Protektor joint tapes keep moisture away from the sub-structure.

They are available as PVC soft tape or EPDM joint tape.
Where? Here!

Protektor facade profiles protect against injury and vandalism

Our facade profiles comply with accident prevention regulations GUV-SR 2002 and BG / GUV-SR S 2 "Childcare facilities" and help to prevent vandalism.