Protektor helps you do a perfect job.

Our profiles help you apply plaster, render and insulating plaster and with thermal insulation composite systems. You can work more efficiently and faster – both when exercising your craft and when using modern plastering equipment. To produce a lastingly beautiful façade.

It’s problems we need. We already have ample solutions.

Protektor offers 400 different plaster profiles and, as such, just as many solutions for all sorts of applications. Learn more here about why our plaster profiles give you the reassurance you need at all times.  


Protektor plaster profiles:

  • Solve all installation Problems
  • Biggest choice
  • Top quality
  • Lasting security
  • Accident protection
  • CE mark
  • Production "Made in Germany"
  • On-site consultancy for specialist trades and retailers

Protektor plaster profiles protect children against injury and hinder vandalism. Our façade profiles comply with accident prevention regulations GUV-SR 2002 and BG / GUV-SR S 2 "Childcare facilities" and help to prevent vandalism.