Fast and individual
attic extensions with MAXI-TEC

Gain more room and masses of wellbeing

MAXI-TEC® dry lining profiles made by Protektor help you get started on your individual attic extension. A practical kitchen, a new playroom, an additional bathroom for guests, a cosy living area or a practical hobby room – Protektor offers a huge range of options for dry lining.

Individually designed attic
Build a dry knee wall to cover unused living space beneath slanting roofs. Facing formwork adds slanting roofs and windows to the design of the new living space. The benefit of our MAXI-TEC® profile: The folding technique provides ample space for installations and for accommodating water and electrical connections. Additional insulation in facing formwork, knee wall and partition enhances soundproofing, as well.

Protektor MAXI-TEC® profiles:

  • More room for cable and water connections
  • Fast installation without having to cut the profiles
  • RS profile for easier rounded wall designs