A reliable slant
with Protektor.

Secure sub-structures for slanted walls and curved ceilings

Slanted walls and inclined ceilings need special sub-structures and additional proof of compliance. Protektor’s team of lightweight steel construction experts can supply you with both, together with straightforward advice for all your slanted plans.

Standards, proof of compliance and tests to verify the stability and load bearing capacity of dry lining designs only apply to vertical walls and horizontal ceilings. A wall that is no longer vertical, or a ceiling that is inclined, rounded, or protruding, has a different structural stability – the design is not covered by the standards.

From conventional dry lining to modern lightweight steel construction

This is where conventional dry lining ends and lightweight steel construction begins. Our experts offer professional advice, suggest how to design the system, and draft the basic requirements for all requisite proofs of compliance. With this technical backup from Protektor, constructors can make the transition from conventional dry lining to lightweight steel construction with utter confidence.

Bäretswil, Switzerland: Wall with a wow
The Audi Terminal operated by Heinz Stern AG in Swiss Bäretswil features an alpine wall structure. The slanted walls on the upper floor are entirely dry lined, and designed with integrated glass windows. The core of the sub-structure is a double stud frame made of inclined Protektor UA-100 profiles spaced 100 cm apart. It is enhanced with horizontal hat ceiling profiles that are bolted on and used to fasten the 2 x 2.5 fireproof plasterboard. The lower and upper connections serve as supports (or rests?). So all forces are safely channelled into the shell. Our team of Protektor experts performed the strength calculations and verified the load bearing capacity of the Overall design.

Curved ceilings – higher loads
If ceilings are curved, the loads on certain profiles and hanger rows can also increase enormously. Which is why static loads must be verified and the design adapted accordingly:  reducing the distance between hangers and profiles, or using wide span girders, for example, can help to transfer higher loads.

With the professional assistance of the team of Protektor experts, you can create unusual designs that are both smart and safe.

If you can do Protektor dry lining, you can certainly do Protektor lightweight steel construction.
Look here  for more details about the support that only Protektor offers around Germany, and to learn all about the huge choice of our dry lining and lightweight steel construction profiles.

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