Let Protektor upgrade
your dry lining in hotels

Protektor gives your dry lining superior soundproofing, good fireproofing and a durable appearance

Sophisticated interior architecture to create ambience, ample privacy and quiet rooms for guests: Premium hotels must set themselves apart from the masses and yet overcome cost pressure. Protektor turns dry lining into a high-performance building method.

Soundproofing for privacy and a quiet night’s sleep
Soundproofing requirements as per DIN 4109 are merely minimum requirements when it comes to hotel fittings. Superior hotel design must produce a sound reduction index of R´w = 55 dB (DIN 4109, Supplement 2) or 56 dB (VDI 4100 SSt II). Protektor puts your mind at ease:

Double stud walls with CW or MAXI-TEC® profiles made by Protektor produce even better Rw.R performance of 58 to 63 dB and guarantee the required sound reduction index, even when installed.

Fireproofing goes sky high
The height in lobbies, banqueting areas and ballrooms is often enormous. But even walls as tall as these still have to satisfy all fire- and soundproofing requirements.

Protektor’s single stud structures with three layers of planks can be used to build walls as tall as nine metres, complete with fire- and soundproofing. 

Accessory profiles keep things looking perfect
You expect the appearance of the rooms in superior accommodation to always look perfect, in spite of being constantly knocked by guests’ luggage or cleaning and service trolleys.

Accessory profiles made by Protektor protect edges against damages, cushion jolts and secure possible weak points. 

Grand hotel, resort or B&B? Ask our product management reception for the right Protektor upgrades for your drywall structures.


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