Dry lining/Lightweight steel construction
For building the home of your dreams

Aesthetically sophisticated, affordable and fast, thanks to Protektor

Lightweight steel construction is suitable for multi-storey housing, for adding floors or extensions, and for building the home of your dreams – which is what a young family in Wangen did. Their modern home is a prime example of efficient and lightweight construction using edificio profiles made by Protektor.

An abbreviated description of what was a very fast build anyway:

  • Basement: Reinforced concrete
  • Ground and upper floor: Lightweight steel construction throughout
  • Walls, ceilings and roof: Protektor edificio profiles and components
  • Walls: Floor connection – U 150-40-15 profile; studs – C 147-50-15 C profiles; upper connection – U
  • 150/175-15 ring anchor profile
  • Ceilings and roof: U197-40-30 used as wide span girders,
  • spaced 62.5 cm apart, with U 200-40-15 edge stop profiles
  • Bracing: OSB-3 board and cement-bonded construction board

PS: Choosing the curtains took longer than anything else.


Dry lining and lightweight steel construction – a match made in heaven
Combining drywall and lightweight steel construction allows property owners to take advantage of manifold options, solutions that can be quickly implemented, and an affordable construction method. Read more about successfully combining drywall and lightweight steel construction here.