Fit for purpose or attractive?
Protektor can do both.

Protektor profiles assure stability and allow characteristic designs.

The dry lining structure of the central bus depot (ZOB) in Pforzheim posed huge challenges in terms of geometry, corrosion protection and structural strength.

A steel frame supports and shapes the seemingly floating overall design.
It is topped by white trapezoidal sheet roofing with a clad suspended ceiling beneath it. The cladding is made of cement bonded boards and corrosion protected screws.

Protektor sub-structure for optimum dry lining designs
Ceiling profiles with longitudinal connectors, quick cross connectors and vernier hangers were used to form the ceiling sub-structure. U hangers fasten the ceiling hangers. Benefit: the symmetrical load on the ribs of the trapezoidal sheet roof.

The striking details of the curved edges, openings and transitions were created using Protektor GR profiles, which adapt perfectly to different circumferences and geometries.

Outdoor corrosion protection
All of the Protektor profiles and accessories used to build the bus depot were C3 coated. The components from the defendo portfolio thus give the structure lasting and reliable protection against corrosion.