Attractive, colourful, safe: Facades
for nurseries and schools

Protektor corner beads – ideal for childcare facilities and schools

BG/GUV-SR S2 rules governing childcare facilities contain explicit specifications for the design of a suspended rear-ventilated facade. Protektor corner beads enable you to reliably comply with these health and safety criteria. Added to which, our profiles protect against costly vandalism caused, for example, by stuffing rubbish or putting hazardous butts put out in facade joints.

According to accident prevention regulation BG/GUV-SR S2: Surfaces must have sealed joints up to a height of 2 metres and corners must have a radius of at least 2 mm. The same rules apply for schools, which are governed by regulation GUV-V S1.

Protektor corner beads

  • Comply with BG/GUV-SR S2 and GUV-V S1
  • Protect against vandalism
  • Create straight building edges
  • Stop board edges splintering
  • Create even joint patterns
  • Enable individual design of facade sections
  • Protect against water ingress from driving rain
  • Choice of colours to create colour and material contrasts