Protektor facade profiles: modern design
coupled with manifold protection

Protektor makes a facade look really good while affording it comprehensive protection.

Our aluminium and plastic profiles for edges, joints, connections and soffits offer huge scope for designing individual highlights and adding texture to suspended rear-ventilated facades.

Protektor profiles give façades clean lines and edges, with accurate corners, for a modern and high quality appearance. Apart from making your facade look good, Protektor also ensures protection and durability.

Less moisture, noise and insects
Horizontal joint profiles and Protektor joint tapes reduce water ingress and protect the sub-structure. Added to which, the joint tapes separate the facade slabs from the structure thus reducing noise levels. Our facade ventilation profiles feature rectangular offset perforation, which encourages moisture transfer and stops even small insects from getting into the facade.

For more fresh air

The rectangular offset perforation of our ventilation profiles improves ventilation by as much as 20% compared to conventional profiles with round or oval holes that are not offset. Learn all about the ventilation expert here.


Protektor facade profiles:

  • Modern appearance
  • Reduce water ingress, protect the sub-structure
  • Ensure optimum ventilation
  • Keep even small insects out
  • Coating in RAL colours
  • Joint tapes reduce noise levels

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