Problems with ETICs plaster?
Just fold them away.

Protektor corner bead 3752 has a fold for creating clearly defined edges and perfect angles on ETICs facades.

Facades look good for a long time when the corners are well designed. ETIC systems pose special challenges for profiles – they need to guarantee good bonding with the render, secure against cracking, and protect the edges against damage.

ETICs corner bead made by Protektor - with the benefit of the fold
Our corner bead 3752 with alkali-resistant fibreglass fabric makes it easy for you to create perfect angles, clearly defined edges and thus a lastingly secure facade.
Thanks to the fold, you can create acute or obtuse angle corners from 45 to 135 degrees. The profile is just as suitable for use on right-angled corners as it is in pointed or flattened areas. 
Working with a roll, you benefit twice over:

  • No joints on long edges
  • No profile waste when forming different sized Windows

Perfect ETICs façades:
Edges, corners and transitions require exact shaping with a clean finish to keep them flawless and damage-free for ages. 

Four simple steps to a perfect result
Fitting Protektor corner beads with folds is as simple as reading about it:

1. Cut off the precise length from the roll
2. Position it
3. Align it
4. Plaster it in place

Your perfectly protected ETICs facade is finished.

Click here  if you want to accurately render ETICs façades, give them lasting protection and eliminate installation problems.