It is possible to create facades
with natural stone finishes efficiently

Creating a natural stone finish is easy, fast and cost efficient with Protektor profiles.

Ashlar stone finishes have regained widespread popularity in new building and facade reconstruction projects. The conventional method using battens and negative strips is, however, time consuming – even for experienced craftsmen. Extensive rework is often necessary.
Protektor has the solution: our special profiles for different joint widths and depths make it easy to render natural stone facades with the precision of a craftsman.

Easy to work with
Once the base render has dried, apply textured or finishing render topped with a levelling coat. Or apply a coat of facade paint.

Natural stone finish render with Protektor profiles:Easy and fast to implement, without the need for rework

  • Different joint widths
  • Templates for individual joint shapes
  • Easy and fast to process afterwards
  • Base render can be made to look like natural Stone

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