Ideal for second roofs:
Protektor roof gutter kits

Leave your summer house out in the rain without a care.

Summer houses, dachas, pergolas or pavilions – our easy-to-install half-round gutter and box gutter kits drain any roof.

Practical roof gutter kits – for up to 50 m² on each side of the Roof
Protektor offers Europe’s biggest choice of plastic gutters. Which means we can supply you  with everything you need – from top to toe, outstanding quality “Made in Germany”. With precision-fit elements and precise brackets, you can install roof gutter kits as quickly and easily as harvesting carrots.

Roof gutters and drainage systems have been one of our specialities since 1964:

  • High quality plastic
  • No stabilisers
  • Tough, UV resistant and shape retaining
  • Precision fit for easy installation
  • Durable, will last for many Seasons
  • Made in Germany

Protektor roof gutters – the fastest way for rain to drain
Hobby gardeners, summer house owners and dacha tenants all know that our roof gutter kits offer protection and ensure that rain drains straight from the roof to wherever you want it – into a barrel for watering the garden, for example. Protektor roof gutters are easy to install, sturdy, durable and still look good even years later.

Check out Europe’s biggest choice of plastic roof gutters and drainage kits here.

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